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This is basically just a place where I talk about music and such, the scrolling album covers are albums I really enjoy, will be updated (for full list of albums I enjoy/have listened to check the music I enjoy tab).

Bands/Muscians I plan to check out more soonish:

  • skinny puppy
  • gridlock
  • download
  • ruby my dear
  • rinse and repeat
  • pilotredsun
  • bittertooth
  • Dog Fashion Disco
  • UB40
  • The Residents
  • Music me like

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    Music I want/plan to make in the future hopefully!


    Mi album reviews (coming soon!...)

    Mr Bungle discography

    Oingo Boingo discography

    The Bran Flakes

    The Residents Freakshow album analysis

    My collection

    My collection of albums I enjoy whether it be cds, vinyls or casettes.

    My Discogs


    anything miscellanious.

    Oldish topster I did

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    a spinning gif of a brightly colored 3d model house