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Together in Electric Dreams

Welcome to the music page! I mainly showcase my fave music here as well as my thoughts or analyses on stuff like albums. I also plan to later showcase the kind of music I want to make hopefully in the future!

I also have a spotify and more recently, a last fm page if you want to see some playlists I've made.

Click on one of the buttons to jump to that section of the page!

some musicians/bands I plan on listening/checking out soon:

Fave albums of all time

This is an ever growing list of albums I've listened/enjoy a lot! click on the album covers to listen to them.

Here's a short TLDR topster of my fav albums, obv not all is listed.

My digital mp3 collection

All taken from various sites for my winamp/wacup player...

My analysis/reviews/whatever

Exactly what the title says! Basically kinda like a subsection to my articles/writing page but for music lol.

Mr Bungle discography review/thoughts
The Residents Freak Show album analysis
The Bran Flakes page
The music of Sonic
The music of Satanicpornocultshop

My music

Anything I really make related to music, whether it'd be much simpler or random ideas like nightcore or mashups/mixes to much more complicated and original pieces. I'm still very much a beginner to how things work especially with the programs I have to my disposal, nonethless I hope to document and showcase my learning progress here!

Mr Bungle nightcore I made inspired by others, I edited it real quick in audacity

A splatoon 2 x Lemon Demon/Neil cic mash up/mix, I might refine this sometime in the future.

My collection

My hopefully soon online showcase of physical music I own whether it be cds, vinyls etc. Here's my discogs