Hall of Brains

These are the current members of the psychonauts fans on the web webring! Listed by order of join date.

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Martin - rh0mbus0fruin

Psychic specialty: Clairvoyance

Favourite game: I like them all

Favourite character: Dr loboto, The inmates, Otto mentalis, Cassie O'pia and the interns!

The worlds first silliest IBM computer ever (Also the owner of the webring)

Lucifer - psychonauts

Psychic specialty: Telekinesis

Favourite game: first game!

Favourite character: sasha nein <3 im his #1 fan forever and always

A small slice of paradise with a bit of weirdness and lesbianism on the side.


Mango - vodello

Psychic specialty: Levivation

Favourite game: the Psychonauts series

Favourite character: milla vodello, hollis forsythe, cassie o'pia and sasha nein

Dance with me, homem!

Piper - Badgersaurus

Psychic specialty: Zoolingualism

Favourite character: Lili, Lizzie, Milla, pretty much all of the campers

A personal web site, featuring the webmaster's art, birdwatching logs, and writing on various video games, including a shrine page for Psychonauts.


Roger - banjos bug!

Psychic specialty: Herbaphony!

Favourite game: pn1

Favourite character: Sasha or Loboto

Just a fun spot for me to learn code and share my interests