The Collective Unconscious Webring

Previously named the "Psychonauts fans on the web" webring, the Collective Unconscious is a webring aimed towards fans of the adventure platformer franchise Psychonauts. Whether you're a long time superfan or just a casual enjoyer of the games, anyone who has an interest in Psychonauts with a website of their own is welcomed to join!

This webring is not only inspired by the many different franchise related webrings but a homage to all the great early fansites of the game such as!

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If you're interested in joining, here's how:

Using the form below, email the filled out information to

Once you are accepted, you will get an email back with a link to this page to pick and choose the webring styles of your choice.

Webring Styles

(For the text style version of the webring, you can freely customize it in your css through the #PNwebring style tag)

Here's a preview of all the webring styles and how they'll look! Once you've been accepted pick one to put on any area of your website!

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a spinning gif of a brightly colored 3d model house