Where the Dead Go to Die is a 2012 adult animated horror anthology film directed, written, animated, composed and animated by James "Jimmy ScreamerClauz" Creamer. While a rather obscure horror film, it's managed to garner up infamy for being an example of extreme cinema, being wildy regarded as a bad/the worst horror movie out there for many reasons. I've actually had a certain period of my life where I was obsessed with the horror/extreme cinema genre where I aimed to try and watch as many slasher/horror movies as I could from the classics such as Texas chainsaw massacre 1 and 2, Re-animator, the Black Christmas 1974, Chucky etc to much more obscure films such as Devil Woman Doctor of the guinea pig franchise and Taxidermia 2006. While on my horror movie fix I thought of this movie which I even knew at the time was very infamous for two major things, one it's janky and uncanny valley animation and it's god awful and tonedeaf writing style/story. I eventually watched the movie for myself and thought the same, regarded about the really weird parts of the plot and carried on with my life till now when I got the idea of reviewing/analysing this movie and why it failed so hard not only on a technical level such as animation or story but as an example of extreme horror media having indulged and had friends who are avid fans of the genre.

First, we need to go into some of the backstory behind this film and it's production as it's actually quite interesting. Jimmy began teaching himself animation, film making and music production (specifically, electronic music) after high school. Before making Where the Dead Go to Die, he had made his first film named Reality Bleed-Through from mainly watching tutorials of the program Maya on youtube which while proved to be quite frustrating especially since Jimmy had no prior exprience with animation or the like, served as huge inspiration for a section in Where the Dead Go to Die specifically in the first chapter/story of the anothology Tainted Milk.

The original idea for the section Tainted Milk was supposed to be a black comedy parody of the character Lassie based of a comic Jimmy had made titled The Night Labby Came Home which starred what would later be some of the main characters on Where the Dead goes to Die. The main plot of the comic was that these kids who all fell down a well met this woman who lives there who tells them to do bad things. After finishing the comic, Jimmy decided to do a 3D animation of the story with premade Cinema 4D models to animate and later edit on Adobe Premiere. He then hired voice actors and instructed them to act "over the top" with the inclusion of many dramatic sound effects, upon it's first edit Jimmy realized how akward the models and animation were in which he redid some of the dialouge and score leaving it with in his words a "weird bio-polar balance". After it's completion, it was set to release as a webseries online. Also after the completion of Tainted Milk did Jimmy go off to make the remaining two chapters for the series, this time taking a much more serious tone with less comedic elements. The second film, Liquid Memories was a dark horror film with themes of religion of a man losing his soul after experiencing intense memories with a prostitute. Many of the cast from Tainted Milk came back for Liquid memories with the inclusion of one more voice actor, it took a whole year to complete this segment which Jimmy would later try to submit to a couple of film festivals all but one, theDark Carnival Film Festival rejected. He would also send this segment to the founder of Unearthed Films who would request Jimmy to create more which lead to the creation of the third and final segment of the anothlogy, he Masks That The Monsters Wear intended as a dark love story between two abused children. He utilized motion capture for this segment through an Xbox 360 Kinect and finally combined all three films together into the anothology film series titled "Where the Dead Go to Die". The film would later released on Blu-ray and DVD on Feb 21 2012 and was also given a limited 100 copies release through the aformentioned Unearthed Films who handled the home video distribution. The film can also now been completely viewed on Youtube and Vimeo.

Jimmy's main credited inspiration behind the film and it's production was his experience using weed and previous psilocybin mushroom and LSD experiences for the visuals of the film. Another inspiration would be multiple alien conspiracy theories, religious scare films and a dream about the devil Jimmy had due to an overdose on melatonin. Alot of content within the film was intended by him to be "weird, funny, or fucked up" and he wanted to leave the message of the films up to the viewer not wanting the overal morals of the film feel forced. The film took 3 years to make.

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