My personal ranking/secret youtuber reccomendations of various white men. None of them are ranked in any order.

The end will also have some other youtubers in general I enjoy or such when I do use youtube for stuff other than music.

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  • Saltydkdan
  • Mostly known for his "Have You Heard About?" series, Pokemon Friendlocke and other funney man business saltydkdan is immediatley a contender for this list. I really just enjoy putting his videos like stream vod clips or Have You Heard About in the background sometimes when I'm doing other stuff and even then when you're actually watching any of his vids they're all really well edited with the comedic effects and such also the music made for some of his vids such as the outro are banger. It's just a nice funny experience viewing his videos especially if he's with a group of people.

    Some of my fav vids of his

  • Peter Knetter
  • A relatively lesser known youtuber atleast for me, he does a variety of content such as reviewing/using knockoff brand game controllers, building various devices such as consoles or computers out of strange materials, fan requests for things like art or models, this guy has it all. His videos are strangely relaxing to me and he is genuinly very skilled at the things he can do/make even skills he's quite amatuer at, I also like his comedic timing and editing as well, def a watch if you just like to see this guy make crazy shit or review bootleg nintendo products or such.

    Some of my fav vids of his

  • Failboat
  • AKA one of the few nintendo youtubers I can tolerate, I mostly watch him for his Splatoon 2, A hat in time and Animal crossing videos, while on the louder side he has pretty entertaining content especially if he's playing with other people like his friend group the failing four. Would reccomend if you like nintendo/ahit or in general game content. His other content where he reviews stuff like the mario legos/cereal or editing stuff in photoshop is also really funny.

    Some of my fav vids of his

  • Brutalmoose
  • Most known for his "brutal foods" series where he reviews various brand meals and other reviews such as movies or games, I really enjoy brutal moose's wacky editing in his videos and just the general vibe from his videos, his brutal foods series and game reviews being very entertaining to watch. Would reccommend if you like very exxaggerated editing comedy or like putting reviews as background noise.

    Some of my fav vids of his

  • Nitro Rad
  • I've been a long time viewer of nitro rad for quite a bit actually, since his rpg maker reviewing days. I recently went back and rewatched some of his older vids and man has this guy evolved in style, it's really nice to see how his person has somewhat changed from being kinda cranky to be a lot lighter especially in communities he mostly makes content in. I really enjoy his older and newer works even if I don't watch him as much anymore and I'm also really glad he finally played/reviewed psychonauts :-]. Def check out if you like listening to game reviewers or such.

    Some of my fav vids of his

  • Danny Gonzalez
  • I first found out of his channel when trying to find troomtroom/5 minute craft video rants and watched his older musically/tiktok/"children's" channels videos, I really enjoy danny's comedy and his other content such as his b-ads series, reviewing blockbusters/generally bad movies or just him checking out weird content especially if it's with his friends.

    Some of my fav vids of his

  • Jerma985
  • (Does this count I mean he's technically a streamer more than a youtuber whatever) Of course I had to include Jerma, he is literally the pinnicle of "Go white boy go!!!". Where the hell do we start, unless you've been living under a rock since 2020-2021, Jerma is well known for quite a lot of things throughout his years on the internet, most prominent examples is the Jerma sus/among us face incident or his 3dmovie maker creation "Rat Movie: Mystery of the Mayan Treasure" and it's sequel "Rat Movie 2: The Movie" and many many more. It's just fucking surreal this guy alongside his fanbase that I feel like this is a thing you've gotta just experience yourself.

    Some of my fav vids (I mean ig clips more like) of his


    Now that's all done, here is just an extra part where I list some other youtubers I really enjoy watching.

  • Poppy
  • Mostly a somewhat gaming/game review channel, I really enjoy her videos in general and the games/topics she covers such as her "Cool Games From The Depths of My Steam Library" or her "The Email That Made Um Jammer Lammy Gay" vids, another gaming review channel to check out if you enjoy that content.

  • Izzzyzzz
  • I first found them through their general rant videos before they switched their content to be less drama based, they go in depth in stuff such as nostlagic old media/franchises, obscure games or topics on past situations in various communities. I also really enjoy their art/speedpaints.

  • Eric Rhodes II
  • While not a content creator in the traditional sense, this channel uploads obscure-ish albums, mostly 80-90s japanese albums. A good reccomendation for those who'd like to discover new muscians/albums.

  • intranetgirl
  • She mostly makes videos on tutorials on the 3d progamn Blender, I find her videos quite userful and insightful and I also like her casual she is in her videos.