Top 10 Hottest Male Psychonauts Characters

Raz the Psychonaut. One of the greatest and most awesomest characters ever thought up. He can levitate at sound speed, take out enemies in a flash, and best of all, he's human colored and knows how to handle the minds of many.

Speaking of many, the Psychonuats universe might also be classified as "Hot Chick Heaven" because there's such a mess of very beautiful and tough men that it will make you love the franchise even more!

And since Valentine's Day is around the corner,

I've been inspired to make a top 10 list of the most beautiful male Psychonauts characters.

Grab yourself a psi-pop and a glass of brain juice, and try not to reach through the screen because HERE WE GO!

Number 10: Try this question on for size. Who chases and hugs Cassie all the time and wields Zoolingualism? Why it's Compton Boole of course! Though more of a cutie than a hottie, you can't deny the fact that he's still attractive.

Two things that make him attractive are the fact that he wears a hat, and when have you ever seen a big, very smooth lump sticking out of a person's head? I haven't!

So once again, Compton Boole is lovely; that is until he goes berserk and starts exploding things with his mind.

Who's at number 9? It's this elderly Turtle from Thorney towers. Mr Pokelope, from psychonauts 1. He arrived on Dr Loboto’s tower being held hostage if Shegor didn’t get any more brains. He doesn't do much except help blast Dr Loboto off the tower.

The real reason he lands at the #9 is that he becomes Linda "The Hideous Hulking Lungfish"’s sweetheart, something Linda needed for a long while.

Numero Ocho. Lili Zanotto’s father, Truman. He's attractive and the size of an average human mother.

What really surprises me about him is that the second head of the Psychonauts, Hollis forsythe, scolds him at the end of the game. Kinda silly, don't you think? He's another character that doesn't do much, but in the ending of Psychonauts 2, he graduates everyone to being junior agents.

What number's next? Seven, of course. Dr Caligosto Loboto from Psychonauts. People always root for the good guys, but sometimes, the bad guys steal the show. His mechanical IQ is equal to Hollis. He also happens to be the smartest member of the scheme. I wonder why he isn't the leader.

Like Gristol Malik and Oleander, his specialty is fulfilling his job. With two very long and smooth arms extending from his head to his calves and droopy eyes, Loboto will rock your socks. If only we could see him take wing.

Numero Six. Edgar Teglee from Psychonauts 1. Named after the father of black velvet painting of the same name, Edgar is the artist of Thorney Towers. He's yet another character that hardly does a thing except build his tower of cards up to the sky. He’s also trapped inside the upper tower by Dr Loboto. When you're the artist for Dr Loboto, you need to paint and look your best and Edgar delivers perfectly. That's why he's #6.

Number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5! Ah-Ah-Ahhh! Helmut Fullbear from Psychonauts 2. How could you go wrong with a guy that looks like this? He can float nearly as fast as Raz and he went from being a brain in a jar to being a psychedelic rock singer. Next to Truman he looks more humanoid than the other characters. Who could top someone who has long red hair?

This male standing at number 4: Sasha Nein. One word: Psi Blast. How would you like to have that superpower? I mean Sasha could play around in the Himalayas for hours and he would be perfectly fine! Also, his flat lifeless eyes make him look.

I really like the fact that his love interest is the levitative agent Milla Vodello. The combination of mind-blasting and levitation make these two a reliable couple. But what really lands Sasha in the #4 spot is that his attitudes apparently more different from the other males.

Next up is #3. What's better than having a painter trapped in a tower? How about a male trapped in the lower part of that tower? Fred Bonaparte, another psychonauts 1 exclusive has that feature. He's smart, knows exactly what to do as a former nurse, and even nursed Crispin once. He's also the guy of Boyd and Edgar’s dreams. Heh, lucky them. His design is just downright goofy and silly! Just look at those long legs! Now we're talkin'!

Number 1, 2, button my shoe! Otto Mentalis. There's a lot to say about this character. He's the founder of the psychonauts, Ford’s first official romance, the only character that canonically smoked weed, brave and intelligent, the most humanoid character, and is like a grandpa to Raz. The Scientist is also a semi-perfect example of an excellent side character, although there were a couple of times when he really snapped and acted like a lunatic; in Bob’s bottles, that is. But overall, Otto Mentalis really stands out amongst the slew of males not just because he’s Ford’s first official love interest, or because he's the only one who smoked weed, but because in the future, he grew very long hair, and founded the psychonauts hq in the future, being the psychic 6.

So, you've seen a telekinetic guy, a dentist, two gorgeous psychic 6 members, and even a head of! Who could possibly top those kinds of males? Well, get ready folks; this is the #1 hottest Psychonauts male character.

Bob Zanotto. If anybody denies it, how dare you? This man can control plants, he's as strong as Helmut, and is a gilf. Having one love interest, Helmut Fullbear. Being a gardener, he's only interested in one object set; plants, especially the vines. There actually have been situations where Bob’s cleavage has been exposed, but it eventually got censored. What a price to pay. I think the best part about this beauty is that he wears three different outfits unlike the other male characters. And who wouldn't want to control the wildlife, be strong as Shawn Johnson, and flirt with one male, anytime, anywhere. These three traits make Bob Zanotto triumph over all of the Psychonauts males. My hat goes off to you DoubleFine. You oughta be proud.

There ya have it folks. Those were the hottest male chicks in the psychonauts universe. I hope you enjoyed it, happy Valentine's Day, and I'll see you later. HERE WE GO!

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