Chao Gardens

Again in my friends word "WHO even cares. SO what. LET THEM SPREAD DISEASE IF THEY WANT"

Pet the flompty

My child they fucking suck at everything

At this point in Sonic adventure 2 I had named my two chaos "Bruno" (based off cartoon Bruno the Kid cause like bruno the titular main character, my chao is a dipshit which I really wanted to name it) and the other SOUL (in all caps)

My chaos were really sleepy in the latter part of my game/dark story for some reason

Sonic Adventure Dx and Battle

Despite the insane popularity of Sonic and how ingrained the franchise has been throughout my life from memes, music to discussion of everything from the games, comics and tv shows, I've never ever played a mainline Sonic game. I've already never had the oppurtinity to really own or play any games on classic consoles so I've majorly missed out on a lot of game releases. It wasn't till this year when I took interest in a bunch of sonic based videos which went into the games and most importantly the lore and characters of the series. Everything I've seen from some of the games looked so fun and although I knew some games were probably out of my gaming skills, I grew interested in them more and more which leads us to now. I finally decided to sit down and playthrough the entirety of Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 battle, both games being highly regarded even by non regular fans of sonic to be some of the best games in the franchise not only for it's gameplay but story as well.

For both games, I pretty much went in blind except for a couple of points where I had to look through a longplay to progress. I knew about the infamy of both ports of sonic adventure dx and sonic adventure 2 battle from dreamcast to other consoles and how broken both games became due to that, so I decided for convience sake to download some mods to improve my experience.

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a spinning gif of a brightly colored 3d model house

Sonic Adventure DX Sonic run

His run was pretty fun! When I innitially played his story I was suprised how Sonic's controls were pretty decent despite how many "Sonic has a rough transition to 3d" qoutes I've heard, it was a bit like how I felt controlling Raz from Psychonauts 1 on my shitty potato computer and how smoothly that went. Being my first ever experience playing a sonic game technically, my run went pretty alright. Sonic's controls did feel a bit finicky especially when running on walls but it wasn't too much to both me. The only real time I ever felt infuriated during my run was in the last boss, the Egg Viper where I legit died to it so many times it's unreal considering how seemingly easy it seems, especially with my homing attacks missing Eggman's hitbox during the last phase of the boss, that was super annoying. Otherwise a pretty casual and overall fun run!

My screenshots

In my friends words "Put", "Joyous smiler" and "scary chao virus"

Sonic having a good shower and Metal Sonic trapped in the green tube...

Fuck the Egg Viper I hate the Egg Viper 🖕 🖕 🖕

Sonic Adventure DX Tails run

My run for tails was pretty average! Unfortunately I wasn't able to get much screenshots of my playthrough but I thoroughly enjoyed Tail's gameplay style! I did have a few issues with the camera (very specifically with the Sky Deck") but overall it was pretty fun once again racing as tails. Plus Tail's lines delivery, it made me think of chowder from the cartoon Chowder :-].

My screenshots

Glitch I accidentally came across in Windy Valleys lol

Sonic Adventure DX Knuckles run

Knuckle's playthrough was kinda like tails where it was overall average! I actually didn't struggle too bad on this run especially when trying to find the chaos emeralds, only real struggle I had was finding the specific cave Tikal wanted you to get into to get the upgrade that allows knuckles to dig underground (this game's major problem is how vauge/unspecific it can honestly get), overall another story done with relative ease!

Funny little thing my friend screenshoted while I was livestreaming me playing the game to them.

The text vc chat in the server I was streaming in was kinda going crazy

Sonic Adventure DX Amy run

Now with Amy, I started to have a little bit of a struggle due to Amy's speed obviously being a lot slower than Sonic and co, this continues with Big the cat with the both of them felt pretty sluggish especially with the lack of the others ablities.

Girl besties

Sonic Adventure DX Big the Cat run

As I said earlier with the Amy section, Big the cat being the biggest character in the game is also the slowest of the whole game with the exception of his ladder climbing. I've heard as well how frustrating Big's fishing minigames would be especially with the nonsencial controls but I managed to figure it out quickly and I actually had a pretty decent run as big! I feel I much more like the gameplay that characters like Sonic provide but this was a nice change of pace and by far the shortest story I played.

Sonic Adventure DX E-102 Gamma run

And last but not least! E-102 Gamma's story, I've heard/seen previously how compelling of a story Gamma had that while didn't end up affecting or being very important lore wise in the sonic story was still very powerful and heartwrenching. I did have some difficulty relating to one of the latter stages with the time limit, especially in the boss fight against E-105 Zeta but I luckily managed to beat that boss literally last second (seriously nothing will come close to the pain I had with egg viper). Overall good character and a good story!.

siblings possibly...

Hero's Story

Now it's time for Sonic Adventure 2! The more popular and iconic game of the Adventure series and whole sonic franchise, not only with it's amazing opening to city escape, the introduction of beloved characters Rouge the Bat and Shadow the Hedgehog, the ass blasting hard as fuck theme of Live and Learn but a complex and genuinly heartwrenching and dark story if not locked behind some of it's rough controls and quality in drop due to it's porting to other consoles/platforms beyond the dreamcast much like the first game.

I actually did try playing this game way before picking up sonic adventure 1 which was the Dolphin emulator gamecube port with some mods applied but not only does dolphin kinda perform weirdly on my computer but I sadly couldn't get past the first goddamn boss of the hero's story (I guess a bit of a skill issue on my part but hey considering I beat the damn game now I've improved).

I sadly do not have much screenshots of my gameplay apart from chao garden stuff not only cause I was just really immersed in the game but some parts were legitamately hard as hell especially going in mostly blind so it was a bit intense.

By far the hardest levels in the hero story for me were Crazy Gadget and Final Rush, hardest/annoying bosses was king boom boo and Rouge and my favourite levels in general were City escape, Green Forest and Pyramid Cave! I actually didn't mind Tails and Knuckles gameplays and I easily blasted through most of them but that probably has to do with the fact I have a couple of mods added on which makes their levels mechanics and controls a bit more tolerable than it would be normally.

Dark's Story

Now onto the dark story! I'll be honest while I had difficulty with Hero's story, there wasn't anything too bad or hard atleast frequently, DARK STORY HOWEVER... Oh my god are some of the rouge levels some of the worst, Eggman's gameplay was alright and although it was a bitch to beat this version of Final Chase and the BioLizard. Two words. FUCKING Mad Space, same with Security Hall, not helpig with the time limit and I generally don't do well with games on short time limits, but hey I beat it so atleast I have bragging rights ig.

And oh my goddd The final story level with every character was so infurieting especially when I got to Knuckle's part in which I realized I didn't get the upgrade that lets knuckles breathe underwater so I literaly had to exit the level, replay that specific knuckles level and replay the entire thing again just to get past Knuckle's part. Atleast the final boss the Finalhazard wasn't that hard suprisingly atleast compared to a dumb thing that can happen during the final battle against perfect chaos in sonic adventure 1.

But it was all worth it, just soley for this image alone

Raw as hell.