Satanicpornocultshop- Charming Snake Charming The Snake

Godddddd Satanicpornocultshop covers are so fucking good always sometimes even better than the ogs.

BellaDonnaKillz- Charming Snake Charming The Snake

New drum n bass album I discovered due to spotify randomely putting this after a song I was listening to finished, it's pretty good, this is my fav track from the album!

Satanicpornocultshop- Belle Excentrique

HOLY FUCK SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING IN A WHOLE WEEK! Take an entire album as a psuedo apology for that also cause it's hard to find individual uploads for this album but it's still super good. Satanicpornocultshop ftw!!!!!!!!!!

The Bran Flakes - L'inverno

Relistened to this album and man... I really do miss the somber, isolating feelings you get from the Bran Flakes's earlier releases similar to I don't have a friend and I remember when I break down. The latter part of this song as well just makes me feel emotions.

Art Bears - Pirate Song

I've only just recently started listening to this band but I've seen my friends post about their music, I'd love to listen to more soon...

Faith No More - Midlife Crisis

Been listening to more faith no more no wonder people talk abt this specific song it fucks so hardddd.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit Soundtrack - Smile, Darn Ya, Smile!

Finally watched who framed roger rabbit and it's really good! It wasn't what I was expecting actually but it's a super fun movie, this song is also really good. Though it was kinda surprising to see betty boop make a faggot joke.

The Residents - Amber

This song is soo good I should relisten to the commercial album again, also it reminds me of Xavier Renegade Angel.

The Bran Flakes - The Girl That I Used to be

Was relistening to this song a lot... It was one of the first Bran Flakes songs I've listened to and it's just so ethereal, I also can identify the exact sample they used it's Ophelia by Andre Popp!.

Foodfight soundtrack - Wow!

Sorry I have a disease called finding songs in shitty movies banger.

Oshare TV - Koi no Terrorist No.1

Nice song I always love going back to to relisten! Just this album in general is a good recc.

Korn - Faget

I finished listening to the Korn self-titled album and it's pretty good!! I really wanna listen to their other albums soon, this song is too catchy.

Faith No More - Zombie Eaters

I recently listened to Faith No More and I really love this album!!! However it is pretty funny how this is probably my fav song when it's like abt a goo goo ga ga baby.

Shy Fx - Original Nuttah

Epic fucking song, I need to listen to more jungle/drum and bass.

The River Dwellors - My Coronation

Nice sounding song!!!.

Sweet Trip - Pro : Lov : Ad

Thanks 3D dubstep gifs for giving a new earworm.

Motion City Soundtrack - I Will Survive (feat. Trine Dyrholm)

Sorry some iterations especially this fucking version and the angry birds movie goes hard.

Cioccolata - アディオ / Addio

Listened to parts of this album and the film/mvs made for it and this is such a good ending track.

Evanescence - Bring Me to Life

Been thinking and listening to this song a lot unironically.

Tricot - Potage (amv)

This one's an old goodie!! I used to be obsessed with this song way back then.

The Residents - Siren Song (Of the Shrunken Head)

A nice little earworm :-]

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