Webmastery Shennanigans

This page is sorta a testing ground for layouts/html stuff I make in my spare time or images I find (mostly of media) and edit to be graphics like tilable backgrounds or such.

Everything on this page with the exception of maybe fully coded layouts are f2u.




The material I used to make these tilable backgrounds are from different media/not mine. The first being a texture from the game Grim Fandango, the second being the texture from the game Psychonauts 2, the next 4 being from Animal Crossing, the second last one being from a official Residents cd cover and the last being from the game Chulip.


James and the Giant Peach deviantart style buttons I made a while ago.

Mr. Centipede button Old green grasshopper button Mr Grasshopper button Earthworm button Ms Ladybug button Glowworm button

Html code snippets