Someday, you'll all smile for me. : - )

Smile For Me is an unconventional puzzle adventure game with point-n-click elements released back in May 31st 2019 on both steam and, developed by Day Lane and Yugo Limbo of their own game company LimboLane/LimboLaneGames. An interactive epilouge set one year after the events of the game was later released upon the first anniversary of the game. The game has now recently gotten a remaster, physical releases to other gaming platforms such as the nintendo switch, playstation and xbox and many more other goodies in store.

I have quite the history with this game going way back to just merely a month or two after the game innitially released back in 2019. I found it through an artist I liked at the time drawing fanart of it and getting real curious on what it was meant to be about, I innitially thought it was some weird animated web series before finding out it was actually a game. I eventually binged a couple of let's plays of the game and immediately fell in love with Smile For Me. It was a major factor in how I wanted my art and creations to be like, it got me to find out Psychonauts one of my biggest hyperfixations of all time and it was also my very first exposure to being in an online fandom/community as much as I tend to stray away from such spaces nowadays. When it was my birthday of that year (2019) I begged my guardian to buy me Smile For Me to play on my dinky potato computer and it was my first ever (atleast payed) game I ever got on steam. While I'm not as interested in the game nor have been in some while this game really does hold a special place in my heart for a lot of things.

It was kinda inevitable I'd make a Smile For Me shrine and due to the previously mentioned remaster/bloom update, I decided why not? So here's me gushing abt this silly little game. If you'd like to please support the devs especially with their new and future endeavors such as their upcoming game Great God Groove!

The official LimboLane website

WARNING before we continue! This obviously contains spoilers of the base game itself and it's epilouge, if you're curious and want to check out the game for yourself please buy it off the listed platforms I mentioned or just go on youtube and watch a playthrough of it yourself.

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(assets/images used for this page were all from the official Smile For Me site, the official limbolane site and game assets/official art.)

Smile For Me!


What is the Habitat pray tell? you say.

The Habitat is ... as described by the magical man, Dr Habit, themselves:

"The Habitat is an amazing New resort wear you can go to learn how to smile again! The Habitat is chock-full of the things 2 do! Play carnival games, relax in hte sun, or even get a drink at the exclusive Lounge! Just a few days breathing the fresh mountain air, and soon you're will be using those Teeth for grinnin! DO you're part in making the world a smiley-ier place!"

The Habitat is a self-help safe haven for sad people to recover in and eventually cheer up, the area consists of 3 main attractions dubbed 'habiticians' will mostly hang out in, such as the Carnival, Lounge and Terrace. Other locations of lesser focus are the boiler room, the courtyard and the apartments.

You take the role of Flower Kid, a florist who delivered flowers prior to joining the Habitat. Flower kid is essentially a mute protagonist and is meant to be a self insert/blank slate for the audience to interpret.

The Carnival

The Carnival is an area located to the right side of the Courtyard that is mandatory to unlock in order to progress in the game. The way you can access the Carnival is through the habitician Ronbo and completing their task/request.

Inside the Carnival are three main attractions ran by the Carlas/carnival attendents (the button pressing mini-game, the whack-a-molar game and the fortune telling tent). This area is also home to Martha, a very special guest in the Habitat. Here you can find the view of the main office of Dr Habit, a tire fire and other miscellaneous knick-knacks.

Habiticians located

The Lounge

The Lounge is an area located within the Courtyard which can be accessed through Gillis after completing his task/request through knocking on the Lounge door in a certain pattern (3 knocks pause 4 knocks pause 2 knocks)

The lounge is a bar ran by Jimothan with a jukebox inside and a restroom with a locked out toilet in it. There's also an open vent that connects to the Boiler room.

Habiticians located

The Terrace

The Terrace (also known as the roof) is an area located at the very top of the Habitat which can only be accessed through completing Lulia's task. It overlooks the entirety of the Habitat and is the final area of the game you can unlock to progress to the endings.

The Terrace is a large roof like area that has see through glass underneath part of the floor down to the courtyard view. At the left side of the terrace is a locked off slideshow area and at the right side of the terrace is an upper area with a bench and a open area looking onto the carnival which can be used to jump off to.

Habiticians located

Other characters/habiticians that can be found in the other areas, some habiticians such as Randy or Marv only appear later after certain events/progress has been made. Only Dr Habit could be found in their dentist office that is way in the ending/climax of the game.

Habiticians located in the Apartments

Habiticians located in the Courtyard

Habiticians located in the Boiler



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