Shout out to the Sexynauts!

a group drawing of the sexynauts done by Peach

This page is dedicated to my bestest of friends friendgroup of EVER!!! The sexynauts (previously named "psychonauts hell/pussynauts/sexonauts/sexynauts hell") This page isn't gonna be very organized cause this is just my raw homage/tribute to our little friend group.

Seriously though, you all are so special to me and the fact we've been friends for this long means so much to me :-], I've seriously never been so connected to a group of people like this it's insane. You're all very important to me and I love you all for being my friend even if we don't hang out as much :-].

a group drawing of all the sexynauts hugging with the text 'Virtual Hug!!' by Squid

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a spinning gif of a brightly colored 3d model house

History of the Sexynauts...

On one fateful summer of 2021, June 9th, a discord group was formed centered around Psychonauts and the soon release of the long awaited sequel, Pyschonauts 2. Ever since then, this group has been quite the menace to say the least...

Shorter history on the group name

As stated, the first name of the discord group was known as Psychonauts hell, however due to a rather nsfw joke relating to the psychonauts, the discord server name was changed to be "Pussynauts". Eventually it innitially was to be renamed to "Sexonauts" but "Sexynauts" was a much more fitting name thus it stuck and the rest is history...

^ Made by fellow member Xavier

1st anniversary Sexynauts google slide

Presentation made by me

Crazy ass moments in Sexynauts history

  • Fellow sexynauts member Rhy's Monsters VS Aliens swirly pop/lollipop edit being reposted by instagram account Big Chungles and other places such as youtube and twitter.
  • Sexynauts inside joke of the psychonauts 2 npc "Chet" being recognized by Doublefine/Chet lore
  • Judgement boy birthday cake canadian psycho event
  • The Morris meal incident of 2916
  • Get comptoned, fred fucks and fregnant
  • Failed Sexynauts psychonauts 1 fandub (MAGGOTS!, Limp Bizkit machine , Blue dimension and circle box, whispering rock xbox convention)
  • Splashing around and the green orbs
  • "Dear mr douchebag" Dion Aquato hatecam
  • "I wanna tell you about a boy" discord psychonauts 2 trailer reimagining
  • "He's just shitting there"/Crispin shitting
  • The scarabs are coming!!!!!
  • young money clan landia at six flags steam group
  • Sexynauts instagram meme page battle with the Doomies
  • Sasha Nein neutering incident
  • The sexy several (psychic 7)
  • Your balls are showing
  • Abra ball oc 3d model getting bludgeoned

Sexynauts Mixtape

Iconic songs of the sexynauts

a traced over drawing of a space goofs image but as the sexyauts with the text 'Sexynauts Sleepover' by Xavier another traced over drawing of a space goofs image but as the sexyauts with the text 'Gulp... The scarabs are coming!' by Xavier a redraw of a simpsons image replaced with the sexynauts with the text 'the sexynuats' by Martin a redraw of a teen titans go image replaced with the sexynauts with the text 'HI MARTIN' by Martin a drawing of all the sexynuats by Foog a drawing of the group eating asbestos with the text 'sexynauts family dinner' and 'lead asbestos lead asbestos' a drawing of the group looking sadly at a dying judgement boy a drawing of the group holding lollipops and walking together
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