Padak also lesser known as Swimming to Sea is a 2012 south korean adult animated hybrid musical drama about a mackeral aptly named Padak who gets captured from the ocean and sold to a seafood restuarant in a korean fishing village, after witnessing the gruesome death of an unknown mackeral in the restuarant she is driven to escape back to sea.

If you've been on online animation spaces before you've probably heard of this movie already through countless of youtube videos and people all having the same exact reactions to this movie being "THIS WAS/IS A KIDS MOVIE?!?!?!!?!?!" while also using the top two posters shown and maybe add something about this movie being a finding nemo clone too. You'd think by the way they're describing this film it'd be like they'd just witnessed a snuff film where someone just got beheaded, just overal real intense shit but let me just rip off the bandaid out now and say everyone's perception of this movie is wrong. It's truely astounding how much people's media literacy have gone down the drain and I honestly blame a lot of those reactionary smug cartoon reviwers who freak the fuck out at the single sight of blood or nipple in an animated movie no less. Before this just turns into a rant about how much I hate those kinds of reviewers let me actually clear up the major misconceptions I've seen in almost every single discussion of this movie online.

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