Employee Identification

Name: Thomas Saggs (The Chief Operating Officer)

EMP ID: 00002

Honorifics & Pronouns: Mr (He/Him)

Media Source: Toontown Corporate Clash

Likes: Polite Company, Paperwork, Bubby

Dislikes: Being Stood On, Detachment

The Chief Operating Officer/Ottoman (aka, Thomas Saggs) is an original character made for the fan toontown online server Toontown Corporate Clash.

He first appeared as a joke boss battle in the 2020 april toons event and has been a reoccuring special event ever since, only being available/accessible in game via visiting Boardbot Headquarters during the event's limited time.

His event is a fake out boss battle where he spends the rest of the "battle" having a nice discussion with the toons, as the years progressed with his yearly appearance, the C.O.O has warmed up to the toons and vice versa.

While he does seem like a very minor character barely showing up in the game at all apart from this event, he does have a good amount of lore significance (as of right now) in TTCC's story, not even mentioning the off-game information given about him.

More about Thomas

Once again despite only ever appearing in-game once a year for a limited time, Thomas Saggs is a very intriguing and complex character to me especially evident through his conversations with the toons every year that expand more and more with every new lore signicifcant event in the game as well as all the outside information about him gathered from the TTCC other content such as the Ottoman character podcast or the Cogs Ink website ARG treasure trove dialouge exchange between Thomas and Robert/The Chairman. Speaking of such...

Thomas's family

Thomas's extreme plot relevance for a character with so little in-game appearances also has to do with the fact he is related to The Chairman (aka Robert Cyger).

Through out each event, he's mentioned his family life to the toons, mainly his relation to his brother Robert, his disdain for Robert's wife Crystalline, news on Robert's son Bobby Jr and a small mention towards his and Robert's parents.

It was previously mentioned in the official TTCC character discussion podcast centered around Thomas that Thomas is most likely the older brother out of the two, however he is very loyal to his brother as shown in the events and podcast.

My interpretations/analysis

WORK IN PROGRESS!!! Might update it whenever I do finish it completely.

Despite being a cog, Thomas is shown to have a great interest and care towards nature, having a few potted plants he keeps around his office. He has a total of 7 plants named: Bubby, Ginger, Ivy, Ash, Olive, Layton, and Mark. It's shown that the plants all have personalities of their own and can be interacted with if the player as a plant hat that grants the toon the ability to speak to plants.

While info is still scarce about whether the plants communication/dialogue is real or the cause of it, I hope they play more with the concept in the future since Ottoman has a clear connection to this feature in-game (being able to, by some degree, understand the needs and even talk to his plants).

Also interesting with Thomas being a cog who enjoys nature is his parallel/relation to another manager cog (Deep Diver, aka Mary Anna)