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CJ7 (2008)

Peak cinema tbh.

Being serious here, I actually have some history with this movie, having watched this about 4 different times in different language dubs and even having a plushie of two of the titular alien character. Having remembered a good amount of what happens during the film especially the climax and ending, I can't say I was really suprised by the movie. What I am suprised however is the amount of goofy slapstick that was present in scenes, especially the fantasy sequence the main kid character Dicky (yea) has. Like I was legit caught off gaurd when all of that happened, even making me question what scenes of the movie were actually happening. On a more sour note however I also got caught off guard by the casual much less goofier, child abuse/beating that Dicky gets from his father, ig it really is just one of those major cultural differences from western media (a pretty bad one at that) where parent characters casually just beating or mistreating their children is normal.

Overall this movie while somewhat predictable is a very almost campy watch if you like goofy slapstick esc action and funny 2000s cgi marketable creature sidekicks. Watch if you're interested in viewing any kind of "outsider"/non western media or if you just wanna have a quick laugh.


5.5 Lobotos out of 10

Elemental (2023)

To be frank, I already solidified that I wasn't going to like this movie ever since the first trailer/promo for it came out and I went into viewing the movie as a hater or with extremely high standards in order to be impressed by. Especially with what the movies tries to tackle, so not much of a suprise I really didn't like this movie. It's sad cause I did have a legit like flicker of hope to atleast find this movie an ok to decent-ish watching experience, especially with how personal the story is to the director but there's simply too many flaws and problems present within the movie to really try and turn off my brain to it to enjoy it. Fine ig if you don't really have any super high expectations or views of it beforehand like I did but it is really one of those things where the more you think about it the worst it gets. I'll elaborate more on that in here


1.5 Lobotos out of 10


The Bunny Boy (2008)

I watched this webseries with a friend after having a good listen of the album that was based/made alongside this series. It's always super interesting to see The Residents delve into other mediums apart from music to tell a story, nonetheless an ARG during the time where interaction via emails was a pretty big part of the entire series.

There's a good sense of mystery present throughout the entire series relating to the main character, Bunny Boy/Roger, and his quest to retrace and locate where his brother Harvey has gone to after going missing from an "incident "and leaving behind hints and clues about his current where abouts. The ending to the entire series also leaves a good amount of stuff up to the viewer to get multiple different readings/interpretations of characters like Bunny Boy and what the series is.

I might potentially make a single page dedicated to my personal reading of this series but overall, a very stellar job done by The Residents of making an alternate reality game/webseries.


10 Lobotos out of 10

Clone High season 2 (2023)

Clone high season 2 is honestly a bit of a mixed bag for me. While I get that most of the new changes (new clones, character dynamics/writing etc) was due to change just on account of time differences and such, especially with the removal of Ghandi till season 4, it just didn't really feel like a true predacessor of season 1 or a true evolution of the formula till 6 episodes in.

Episodes especially like the silly-legs episode or the pilot just feel unnatural to the characters/themes of season 1 and it does feel like it isn't really playing into the whole teen drama aspect that it specialized in season 1. New characters are fine enough however another thing I feel is that some characters dynamics such as jfk or confucious nor cleo and frida's rivarly weren't really expanded on much, unfortunate for the latter since I do legit like the choice to make them a pair, ig I wish instead of Cleo trying to ruin joan it was frida so we had that build up like in episode 3.

Last 4 episodes however really picked the show up in everything and I'm anticipating how season 3 will handle the cliffhanger we were left off on. Overall pretty fine watch if you're familiar with clone high, here's too hoping they can stick to the new standard set from episode 7.


6 Lobotos out of 10


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