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My personal bookmark page for useful of just fun sites, more to be added over time.

w3schools Basic site for everything html/css related, very helpful for any coder. useful, coding, site
mf2fm Site full of fun javscript/htmld effects. coding, site
javascriptfreecode Another site for javascript effects. coding, site
Sadgrl.online's webmastery page Very useful for those who want to get started on coding/making a neocities. useful, coding, site
dr link check Site that helps check any dead links on your site, etc. useful, site
catbox Free image hosting website. useful, images, site
waifu2x Helps upscales images. useful, images, site
EZgif An easy gif maker + other stuff. useful, gifs/videos, site
8mb video Compresses videos to be smaller for those without discord nitro. useful, gifs/videos, site
twitter downloader Downloads videos or gifs from twitter. useful, gifs/videos, site
photopea Free web browser photoshop alternative, literally just photoshop LOL. useful, editing, site
alphabetizer Site that helps alphabetize your lists. useful, site
image color picker Explains in the name, very helpful for getting quick color codes. useful, colors, site
Flash player Wanna view a website but can't cause flash is dead? Use this. useful, flash, download, site
Webamp player Webamp music player. music, site
Internet archive Very useful archive site full of stuff like archived sites, books, games etc. useful, archive, site
wcofun Site full of cartoons, movies, anime etc. cartoons/movies, site
1337x Torrenting site for movies, shows, books etc. books ,cartoons/movies, torrenting, site
hurawatch Pirating site for movies. cartoons/movies, site
proton VPN Free VPN if you need one. useful, site
Learn Languages Mega folder full of linguistics and language books. useful, download, books, educational
Leslie feinberg site Official site of Leslie Feinberg, the author of Stone Butch Blues. lgbt, educational, site
my 90s Tv Site that replicates 90s tv, there's also other sites for 70s, 80s and 2000s tv. fun, cartoons/movies, site
myabandonware Site full of downloads for emulating old 90s-2000s games. fun, games, emulation, site
The collection chamber Another site full of reviews and downloads to old 90s-2000s era games. fun, games, emulation, site
grandmothers house Site of Tale of Tales game, The Path. fun, games, site
Picmix Blingee esc site, make obnoxiously glittery gifs. fun, gifs, images, site
Clip Studio Paint for free In recent news of what's happening soon, pirate csp now lol drawing, document

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