Gregory Horror Show is a Japanese CGI anime tv series made by Naomi Iwata and televised by Asahi National Broadcasting Company from October 1999 to april 2000. The main series is comprised of 4 seasons, the first 2 seasons being around 25 episodes each, the third season being 26 episodes and the final and fourth season being 12 episodes. In October 2000 in Japan and January 2001 Europe an adaptation of the series was made called Gregory Horror Show: Soul Collector for the PS2 by capcom which was infamousely region locked from american audiences that losely following the plot of the first season of the show, the gameplay being vaugely reminiscent of Resident Evil. Another game has also been made in October 2018 called Gregory Horror Show: Lost Qualia which was a japanese only mobile rpg gacha game which has also yet to see a global/english release. Lastly there's a manga adaptation called Gregory Horror Show: Another World that started in November 1st 2005. Last piece and most recent ghs content was Gregory Horror Show Mystery Holiday, a 2d film/movie adaption. There's also been various other media made for the franchise such as a board game, figurines, paper crafts and many more.

The main anime series takes place in the first person perspective of the house's new human "guests" and their descent into the bizarrness of the gregory house while trying to escape, The last 2 seasons however are from the 3rd person perspectives of Gregory Mouse in season 3 and Catherine and co in season 4.

Before I continue, GHS is a genuinly very interesting cgi anime especially in writing and lore and I implore you before continueing to atleast check out the whole anime first which can be watched here

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a spinning gif of a brightly colored 3d model house

As I said earlier, the first 2 seasons of gregory follow two human guests, season one's guest who is later revealed and given the name "Haniwa SalaryMan" at the end and the second season's who is just titled/named "second guest". The third season then follows the 3rd person perspective of Gregory Mouse who is the title character and owner of the hotel itself and the final season follows one of the more prominent side characters of the show Catherine, a pink lizard nurse with an intense desire for blood and (especially in this season) love.

In the next section, I'll be giving a review/my thoughts on each seasons. Here are my general rankings of the seasons:

  • The Last Train (season 3)
  • The Nightmare Begins (season 1)
  • The Bloody Karte (season 4)
  • The Second Guest (season 2)
  • top to bottom being favourite to least fav season.

    GHS SEASON 1: The Nightmare Begins: