An in-depth character and level analysis of Dr Caligosto Loboto

If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm a huge psychonauts fan and an even bigger fan of it's innitial antagonist character, Dr Loboto. Hell, how I even got into psychonauts was through cross over fanart of Dr Loboto from mid 2019. At first when I started getting invested in psychonauts, I tried to not have Dr Loboto as my ultimate fan fave cause at the time, Dr Loboto was a character you could technically call "overrated" or at least very popular amongst fans atleast after the in between spin off game "Rhombus of Ruin" came out which fleshed out Dr Loboto and gave us his backstory. I don't exactly remember when I just caved into my indulgence of Dr Loboto being my fan fav but it's safe to say that I have been obsessed over this character for almost 3 years now and with psychonauts 2 finally out and a year old I thought it'd be fun to make a full analysis of him and what Dr Loboto as a character has meant to me.

Before I actually start, I wanna state here that this analysis is my interpretation/reading of this character and their level and if you personally disagree/have different readings that's alright.

lovingly written by Martin/Mari/Izzith/Gizmo/Ickis Loboto "Maritime-Partition" rh0mbus0fruin 2022

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