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I LOVE CRAZY COUSIN GIZMO! I am the numero uno, number one super fan of Gizmo. I should've created this character I should've written him in the show... she had so much potential to be a fun reoccuring side character and have a legitimately great cousin relation with Robot literally so much good character/story potential wasted cause the writers decided to make her an abliest schizophrenic stereotype makes me crazy (crazy cousin gizmo even) literally how nobody cares heartbreak... Crazy Cousin Gizmo also holds a deeper significance to me I later realized especially about representation of schizophrenic characters in media, I'll probably elaborate more on it in the ccg analysis I'm making. Also shout out to my friend who like made me 30 something gifs of Gizmo that was awesome.

My Crazy Cousin Gizmo analysis/character study page

The crazy cousin gizmo sexypedia page

Why crazy cousin gizmo deserves to be a tumblr sexyman google slide

Crazy cousin gizmo playlist my friend made

Mr Bungle Squeeze Me Macaroni Gizmo nightcore

The gizmo I have become amv

You don't understand my visceral reactions to these fucking images this can make a man insane a bit crazy cousin gizmo even I FUCKING LOVE YOU I'M GOING TO DROWN YOU IN ACID AND TAR GRAGHHHHHHHH STOP BEING SILLY AND JOYFUL.

Crooked smile containment zone

Can a new yorker and a british person truely fall in love?...

Red Spinning Heart Within A Heart