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Same with my Dr Loboto analysis page, if you haven't figured it out by now from my crazy cousin gizmo shrines or aren't a personal friend of mine, I'm a particulary huge fan of Nickelodeon's Robot and Monster character, Crazy Cousin Gizmo. That obviously isn't enough to encompass how obsessed I've been with this character ever since last year, hell one of my names is taken from this character and even if I'm not that obsessed about Robot and Monster like I was earlier this year I don't think my obsession with this character is going to stop anytime soon. Ever since I first started my page for rambling about media or such i've thought of making a Gizmo anaylsis/character study page as Gizmo isn't a character I've seen the greater, majority of the rnm fandom apart from my friends really acknowlegde all that much and sadly due to the fact Gizmo only really appears for about two episodes at best and one mostly as a joke/gag. However through thinking more about gizmo as a character and what she meant to me I started realizing a much more personal connection to gizmo especially in relations to how she's handled as a character with schizophrenia, one thing I came out of this thought is that I hope somebody is able to have the same revelations/connection to a character and what it ultimately means to them no matter how ridiculous it sounds.

First before I start this, this is how I personally see/interpret the character which some may not agree with but I doubt there's much any people out there who enjoy gizmo as much as me to really object and second I genuinely don't care anymore if it feels like I'm taking this too seriously/deep, this is once again what I've gathered from gizmo as a character which greatly comforts me to be able to put into words.

Without further ado this is my:

Analysis/Study of Crazy Cousin Gizmo and The Party episode

Who is Gizmo?

Crazy Cousin Gizmo is a one off side character from nickelodeon's Robot and Monster, only appearing fully in episodes Apartment 3 1/2 and The Party, also being briefly mentioned or seen in other episodes such as the finale or the episode Blinking Lights.

lovingly written by Martin/Mari/Izzith/Gizmo/Ickis Loboto "Maritime-Partition" rh0mbus0fruin 2022

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