You've reached my characters shrines! A place where I can be a freak on a leash for fictional characters of various qaulities... my blorbos and skrunklys if you will. These characters either mean alot to me or will make me insane in the membrane over them for a period of time, I have quite a lot so I'll just be making shrines for the most prominent ones. They are quite martin coded to an extent or have character traits I really enjoy. I guess you can also just count this as me showing you my kinlist but idk if I like using the word kin to describe them. Just take it as me showing you characters who are also in some way, some more than others "me".

Dr Caligosto Loboto Crazy Cousin Gizmo
List of character names, from the top left of the "top 15 characters I will never hate" chart to bottom right

Dr Caligosto Loboto (psychonauts), Crazy Cousin Gizmo (robot and monster), Edgar (electric dreams), Callie (splatoon), Dr fritz (gregory horror show), ENA (ena by joel G), TV fish (gregory horror show), Marvin the Martian (looney tunes), Norma natividad (psychonauts 2), Otto mentalis (psychonauts 2), The Archivist (inscryption), Marv truncler (smile for me), Mr baldwin (fish hooks), Skidmark (Turbo), P03 (inscryption), Ralph (teenage mutant ninja turtles 2012), Ickis (ahh! real monsters), Medical shadow (nightmare ned), Teriyaki yoko (umjammer lammy), Neon J (no straight roads), Peggy (the oblongs), Masada (yume nikki), Monoko (yume nikki), Batanyan (chulip), Dedusmuln (hylics), Jumping Johnny Jumble (crashbox), Conductor (a hat in time), Two unnamed mascot characters for the album "the hopelessly sad story of the end of the world" by gangpol und mit, Zane (ninjago), Pixel (ninjago), Ruby (the path), Wilt (foster's home for imaginary friends), Randy rosebud (maggie's apartment), Ikkan (splatoon), Bisk (splatoon 2), An illustration by krystine krytte, An old trs computer manuel mascot, Colin the computer (don't hug me I'm scared).

Under the line

The rocket from little einstiens, June (little einstiens), Alex (candy gem), winnie (pleasant goat and big bad wolf), foxy (fnaf 1), Mangle (fnaf 2), Funtime foxy (fnaf sister location), Dropsy the clown (dropsy), Discord (mlp gen 4), King K rool (donkey kong), Escargoon (kirby right back at ya!), the npcs from the game End Roll in Darcover town, Otton (space funeral: of rubies and gold)

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Red Spinning Heart Within A Heart