About Cosmic Cowboys

Cosmic Cowboys (otherwise known as Kosmiczni Kowboje in polish) is a French-Canandian 2d animated comedy cartoon released within 2003-2004 created and designed by Eddy Marx and directed by François Rosso, Hugo Gittard and Laurent Nicolas. The companies that produced this show were Alphanim/Gaumont Animation of Gaumont Multimedia, Tooncan Production ad Europool with animation services provided by Rai Fiction, Animation Enterprises Hong Kong/Agogo studios, Gruppo Alcuni and Luxanimation. It aired on channels France 3, Vrak.TV, WDR/ARD and more with a total of 52, 13 minute long episodes in pairs.

The show's premise takes place in the year 3000 and is focused on two intergalatic bounty hunters Dook and Curtis. Dook is a humanoid mule-dog creature who's extremely stern and vigilant while Curtis is an anthro cat-goat mutant who's more wild and lives on the edge. They both work for the enigmatic sheriff Granny, their main goal being to scavenge across the galaxies and planets to apprehend their number one enemy, Cereal Bob, a pink rabbit who's hellbent on ruling the world always up to another villainous scheme to prove himself.

The official synopsis from both the archived and modern pages from Alphanim/Gamounts website:

A classic buddy show about two intergalactic bounty hunters: Curtis and Dook. Curtis is a superfly cat – goat mutant, he's a severe petrolhead and is always up for a party. Dook is very different, square, very big on rules and discipline. The main opponent of this more than dynamic duo is public enemy Nr1: Cereal Bob. Our space posse will travel from planet to solar system, no black hole is left unturned to find this evil bunny, but no matter how many times they deliver him at Deputy Roscoe's jail he always seems to have found a way to escape in the next episode. As Cereal Bob never works alone, he is always accompanied by a large variety of alien henchmen, depending on the planet he's operating on. The universe being what it is, endless, this gives you an idea about the number of different worlds and situations our two good ol'boys will encounter. The aim of the show is to mix western and sci-fi clichés to end up with something truly original, and of course to make the spectator laugh.

A classic buddy show about two intergalactic bounty hunters: Curtis and Dook. Curtis a superfly cat, a severe petrolhead, and always up for a party. Dook very different, square, very big on rules and discipline. Their main opponent and public enemy Nr1: Cereal Bob, A cute bunny rabbit who turns criminally insane when provoked.

Not much is unfortunately known of this show due to little coverage online and most information being inaccesible/lost. Most information found of this show are from the archived and existing official gaumont website, animation fan websites/blogspots detailing the show and the new lost media wiki page.

It is stated that there were english, french, german and spanish dubs of the show and possibly even more as it released in a good amount countries as seen through their "Sales to date" pdf which shows the countries and channels the show aired on. There is also a non official russian dub for the show from the 2x2 channel airing of the cartoon.