Episode Guide

Unfortunately, due to this show as stated, being partially lost media and being very hard to track/find information about. Episodes especially the majority of english dubs are hard to find, thankfully however that doesn't mean all of the show has been scrubbed off the earth as there exists a german, unofficial russian overlayed dub and possibly an existing amount of english episodes still out there of the show.

So far only the full german and russian overlayed dubs (with the exception of the russian dubbed last episode) have been found and put in a drive and soon be uploaded to youtube for archival.

(For the google drives please open them in a new tab.)

Cosmic Cowboys found English episodes
Cosmic Cowboys German dub
Cosmic Cowboys Eng russian overlayed dub

1. The Cereal Brothers

2. Vacation Drill

3. Luck Out Below

4. Cosmics In The Blizzard

5. A Cereal Christmas

6. Spaced-Out Momma!

7. Twiddle Dee Dumb

8. Star-Strangled Banter

9. Hot Dog Bob

10. The Pig Escape

11. Good Lux Charm

12. A Shrinking World

13. Ecomaniac

14. A Mysterius Tale

15. Momocop

16. Grabbit And Run!

17. Liar's Lair

18. Space Fan-Atic

19. Friend Or Fiend?

20. Malicious Malicia

21. Space Castaways

22. Trading Spaces

23. Cosmic Clowns

24. Debt Or Alive

25. Abracadabra-Bob!

26. Pumpkin Dispatch

27. Superguy

28. Split Poisonality

29. Cosmic Cast

30. Diploma Dilemma

31. Spatial Agent

32. Flying Rodeo Cowboy

33. Boxing Day

34. The Ties That Blind!

35. Galactic Voodoo

36. The Tortoise And The Hare!

37. Statue Of Imitations

38. So Long Saloon

39. Hallowed Hologram!

40. Promotion Commotion

41. Vase That?

42. Double Trouble

43. Genie In A Throttle

44. Heros Tolerance

45. Psycho Switch

46. Bad Baby

47. Guest Work

48. Pyramid Scheming

49. Running Joke

50. The Ghost Ship

51. Game Over

52. Mission Implausible