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MY DEAR BELOVED CALLIE, my sweet cheese, my darling princess, one of bestest of friends. I heart her so much, she's such a simple and cute yet very complex character which I'm sad not a lot of people realize. I love her singing voice/style and bomb rush blush is awesome from both splatoon 1 and 2. I also love her relationship with Marie and how it's been better since post splatoon 2 storymode, I once again really hate how the NOA/English localization from splatoon 1 made them really catty to each other for no reason :-[.

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my "evil" callie theory/analyzation

callie splatoon 2 concept art

It's no secret to anyone who's played/seen the splatoon 2 storymode how the final splatfest from splatoon 1 'team Callie vs team Marie' ultimately affected it in the long run, in which team Callie lost whcih resulted in the Callie kidnapping subplot in splatoon 2 storymode and the final boss being against a brainwashed Callie. Concept art was of course made of the topic however I don't seem to see much people bring up these lesser known concept art made of the topic which greatly interests me which I think greatly affects Callie's character.

Callie splatoon 2 concept art Callie splatoon 2 concept art

These two pieces of concept art depicts Callie presumbly post final splatfest, we already know that during the time span between splatoon 1 and 2 that the squid sisters had went their seperate ways becoming much more distant with each other and that Callie not only very overwhelmed by general media but she was vaugely sad posting on her social medias presumably about her loss in the splatfest. We can assume she's wandered up here to be alone, which just so happens to be accompanied with octarians. In the second piece especially shows an octarian comforting Callie, as if it understands and sympathesizes with her which makes Callie feel seen and understood, it's also canon that Callie herself went to confront Octavio herself to see what the big deal was with him. I personally like seeing this as Callie not being genuinly brainwashed by Octavio but instead willingly joining the octarians sides seeing how isolated and lonely she was after the final splatfest and that they were able to understand her struggles thus deciding to pay the favour back through joining and understanding them. In short I LOVEEEE YOU EVIL CALLIE.

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