Hey, my name is Bud Budiovitch but most people just call me Bud.

Glitter gif my friend Stereo made for me

I guess I'm not much of a complex guy, some say I'm pretty stupid but that's alright, I don't really care all too much about that. I guess one thing I'm just a natural at is being a potato couch and doing internet stuff, I like all things Tv and such, I also find super cool stuff on both. I'm also super passionate about animals, love em, I don't really have preferences but I'd have to say I like rodents (mostly cavies and cricetidae) and insects best, taken care of a few sometime in the past as well. I guess one thing I've thought it'd be like super cool to do is being a veterinarian but honestly I don't think I'll ever be able to do that, atleast right now or soon but it's whatever. Another thing I also like doing is collecting stuff especially shit like CDs, VHS tapes, DVDs all kinds of physical media stuff, I'm planning a specific section on my site right now about what I have so far and I've uploaded some of the stuff I've gotten up for archival on some sites, just some pretty cool stuff.

Apart from all that, I do enjoy analyzing media from time to tiem, mostly shows and music, I'm not as good at analyzing stuff like some of my friends but I'm trying. I also take stuff like drawing and 3d modelling up for fun, some examples you can see from the art gallery link from the homepage. There's my fursona, Devilled Egg at the side of the website :-], they're a horned lizard and they're meant to be a cowboy too.

Uhhhhh guess that's all I'll say for now, will update this if more interesting stuff happens/needs to be added.