Angry Birds is a casual puzzle mobile video game developed by the Finnish developers, Rovio Entertainment. I don't think I have to explain much more about what angry birds specifically is unless you've really been under a rock your entire life. It was one of if not the most popular mobile phone based games in the 2000s before slowing falling off from public relevancy somewhere from the mid to late 2010s. Having multiple spin off games, crossovers with franchasises like Star Wars or Rio (the movie), multiple adaptations in animation from simple cartoon shorts to two full length movies released by sony in 2016 and 2019, brand and merchandising deals, literally everything under the sun. It's safe to assume in some period of your life you've probably played the mobile games or heard/saw the animated shorts or the movie, while the average person wouldn't really bat an eye at the franchise cause for gods sake it's a light hearted mobile game with virtually no/minimal stakes/story, I am not average people.

When I was a wee lad a majority of my old and my other family's devices had at least one mainstream angry birds game on them, through one of the apps most iconic feature, you could not only watch the animated shorts they put out but other obscurish cartoons such as pucca or cannimals. Most of my attention/time on the app was spent mostly watching those cartoons featured on there which include the aforementioned animated shorts. Eventually I moved on to watching the content up on their youtube thus making it more accessible to me which opened a whole new rabbithole I didn't even realize I had fallen into. This would also later make me gain a very small interest in the angry birds movies and more importantly, the fandom as I had started to grow used to social media spaces like tumblr. So to simply say that I have a lot of unnecessary knowlegde on angry birds lore is kinda an understatement. I was goddamn hyperfixated on the shorts and ads, especially of their sister series, Angry Birds Stella which had an animated series with goddamn continuation and stakes to it.

Now with that out of the way, it's time to circle back to the main topic of this page "The strange history of Angry Birds and queerness"

If you've been anywhere online like twitter, you might've seen this post as it's one of the more popular examples of this phenomenom.

For context, this is the character "LeatherDaddy Jimmy" from the game Angry Birds Revolution (2017), if you haven't noticed it by now, he is a very obvious homage/nod to leather subculture I mean for gods sake his name is LeatherDaddy Jimmy.

An even more recent example as of me writing this article is of the official angry bird tiktok's activity where Red (the main red angry bird btw) is a vtuber where he gets up to/does various wacky activities such as a smash or pass of popular characters in media or reading gay fanfiction of angry birds off fanfic hosting websites such as archive of our own.

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