Zach Low Cal

Age: 19 years old

Gender: Cis male, He/Him

Birthday: December 24th, 1986

Ethnicity: Mixed Japanese, Chinese Burmese and portuguese descent

Nationality: American

Resides in: Naval Grye, Wyoming

Rebellious and reckless, Zach has no future ambitions of his own and really does whatever he pleases which has lead to him being disliked by most for such behaviour. He has a love hate relationship with his online friend Maxwell who he actively torments and teases. Zach is the son of Oscar but heavily rebels against him and is very distant for what seems to be no reason.

Likes: Annoying people of any kind, sharp objects, annoying his friend Maxwell, eating fast/junk food, carbonated drinks, women, watching 90s cartoons, scaring/intimidating people, heavy metal, skulls, messing with people, doing petty crimes, pranking people, telling people the story behind his birth date

Dislikes: Hanging out with his father (Oscar), getting an education, authority, old people, kids-teens, a lot of people, "posers", Maxwell (thinks he's a coward most of the time), Callie, being told what to do, running or any sports activities, anime

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