Oscar Junichi Low

Age: 47 years old

Gender: Trans male, He/Him

Birthday: November 11th, 1958

Ethnicity: Mixed Japanese and Chinese Burmese

Nationality: First gen Japanese American

Resides in: Naval Grye, Wyoming

Oscar is your average joe to say the least, he works in a 9 to 5 tech support call center to keep the bills paid and could not be more unsatisfied with his life. Having lived a life of mostly isolation and major downs, he secretly wishes for something to finally push him towards the right steps of feeling fufilment and meaning in life. He however fears the uncerntainty especially in the future.

Likes: Outdated techonology, electronic moog/synthesizers, tuna sandwiches, hanging out with his son (Zach), playing a game of mahjong or chess (anything strategy or puzzle related), Kopi/black coffee with condensed milk, being organized, contemporary dance, watching old tv dramas, reading the news

Dislikes: Things being disorganized, loud crowds, Boss, Zach acting rude to others, traffic jams, fast cars, people unfamiliar to him acting close/touching him

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