Oscar Junichi Low

Name: Oscar

Age: 47 years old

Gender: Transgender male (He/Him)

Birthdate: November 11th, 1958

Ethnicity: Japanese and Chinese Burmese

Nationality: First gen Japanese American

Resides in: Naval Grye, Wyoming

Relatives: Zach (son), Loletta Low (mother), Aw Boon Low (father)

Languages spoken: ENG/JP/中文


Oscar is an ordinary man, at least he tries to have some normalcy in his life. Even with every event that’s happened in his life so far, happy or tragic, he feels a certain dissatisfaction with where he is and everything he does. He fails to feel “normal” no matter how hard he tries and what he’s had to do whether it be for his family, his career, or for himself.

In a way, he’s entered a midlife crisis, he knows the clock’s ticking down, and if he wastes his time moping around, he’ll truly never achieve a sense of comfort that he did something he sees as good or outstanding in his 47 years of living.

Favourites: Outdated technology, tuna sandwiches, a game of any strategy game (mahjong and chess are his favourites), black coffee with condensed milk, contemporary dance, old tv dramas, newspaper reading, spending time with his son, electric moog, synthesizers, cleaning, tidyness and stability


Character design Description

Oscar is a middle aged man with tan brown skin and black hair tied in a bun. Oscar has crows feet, accompanying wrinkles and a small amount of facial hair on his face, Oscar's eyes are also obscured by his glasses, his scleris color is red/appear as read through the lenses. Oscar has an average body build and is about 5'4 ft tall. Oscar is usually seen in his work/business attire which consists of a navey blue suit, a white buttoned down long sleeved shirt, a red tie and blueish black shoes.