Maxwell Ibragimova

Age: 21 years old

Gender: Intersex trans male, He/Him

Birthday: March 15th, 1984

Ethnicity: Kazakh

Nationality: Second gen Kazakh American

Resides in: Naval Grye, Wyoming

Maxwell is extremely self loathing and pessimist at heart, he disappoints himself before anyone or anywho can. After graduating college, he's become an extreme recluse who has no in real life connections beyond his parents who relies on the internet to keep him sane. He enjoys being isolated and has an extreme distaste for most people and himself and has great desires of proving himself useful to society.

Likes: Writing/storytelling, filmography, the internet, viewing/posting in obscure areas of the web, investigating the paranormal, myths and legends, flora, watching anime or reading manga (but won't admit to it), being left alone, being in his house

Dislikes: Zach, the idea of coming out/being referred as trans specifically, being in public, most people to be honest, his middle to highschool experience, when there's no internet, authority figures, "tacky" fashion taste, dealing with kids

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