The Ickis and Oblina show is a webseries created by the deviantart user NixWerld that spanned from Dec 11, 2015 to Mar 11, 2016 mirroring the genre of multi crossover media like Pooh's adventure. The main show is based on the titular characters, Ickis and Oblina from the 1997 nicktoon AAAHH! Real Monsters and their many misadventures from helping a romanian vampire go back to his home country to defeating the evil tyranny of kybo ren with the fucking space goofs cast on Zigma-B.

The official wiki of the Ickis and Oblina show describes it as such:

"The Ickis & Oblina Show is a fan-made 1987 set prequel series to the original 1994 Nicktoon "Real Monsters ." In this spin-off show, Ickis & Oblina are two celebrity monsters who try to make the best of things when they get stranded in the 20th century together. Here, they encounter a clan of guest stars, who are connected to the Horror genre. Before they met Krumm, before they were taught by the Gromble, and before they attended the Monster Academy, Ickis & Oblina are taking a giant bite of the Big Apple. Be there, and beware!"

I found this rather obscure webseries through surfing deviantart innitially from an A!RM and Space goofs crossover comic cover, eventually somehow I managed to get me and a friend down a rabbit hole of whatever this is and the first episode viewed ever was off the series finale episode "Real Space Goofs" which is exactly what's on the title, an absurd crossover 3 parter of AAAHH! Real Monster and Space Goofs parodying an episode plot of an old (I'm assuming) Star wars 80s-90s cartoon.

The viewing of said episode was hysterical, same views were met with the episode season special "Fright Night Before Christmas". There's truely something so fascinating yet onminous about one person's determination to create such a crossover like no other especially in the way it was made.

Ever since then the Ickis and Oblina show has remained a inside joke between me and a few friends and I had just recently finished viewing the entirety of the Ickis and Oblina's shows episodes lasting around 6 episodes. So what better now than to fucking review the damn show/episodes.

Here is my general tierlist of the episodes.


As said earlier the series mainly consists of 6 episodes each episode being split up into threes, with especially episode 3 and 4 of the series being rather short so it isn't that hard to really fully sit through the whole show in one sitting. Whether I'm joking or being 100% unironic in this reviewing is for you to decide lol.

Dan Before Dark - is the first and pilot episode of the Ickis and Oblina show, it follows the plot of Ickis having a pleasant night out before encountering an alien almost every week in thet specific area, thus he enlists the help of the FBI agent Dan to solve this predicament. However all seems hopeless as no one seems to believe Ickis and not even Agent Dan could help out all that much innitially till Oblina steps in to help Ickis find an answer to this. Eventually it's revealed in part 3 that the alien (who is potrayed as with the blue meanie from the Beatles movie) was their teacher Gromble the whole time which was alluded to from part 1 when Gromble vauged about attending a doctors appointment to improve their scaring skills which leaves unwanted side effects. The episode ends with Agent Dan and the narrator of this episode Elizabeth escorting the Gromble to therapy to prevent such things from happening and Ickis and Oblina thinking back on their experience.

This episode while does fine for a general pilot of the series is honestly quite lacking (which take not will be a small pattern in the upcoming episodes) atleast compared to what I expect from a Ickis and Oblina show episode, or maybe it's just the fact the mere impression the Fright Night Before Christmas or Real Space Goofs episodes have left me. It's also quite suprising seeing a "opening" for the series which were all implemented into the show till the two episodes I just mentioned which is strange I guess but whatever, same with the use of both cartoon but in real life actor characters being used which was a trend that only lasted till the 3rd episode atleast for it being plot major/centric. Overall the episode once again does fine for a pilot, nothing really to outstanding either way.

Vacation with Vincent - is the second episode of the Ickis and Oblina show, the plot follows Ickis befriending an actor named Vincent, who turns out to be a romanian vampire who's extremely homesick and longs to return back to translyvania. Ickis then brings it upon himself with the help of Oblina, Krumm and Dizzle to help bring Vincent to his home country. This all the while making sure Vincent manages to escape from the clutches of the theaters hosts, Cheech and Chong who use Vincent for their own amusement. With Krumm they manage to enlist the help of the canadian airplane services to get Vincent back to translyvania all the while being chased down by Cheech and Chong and some investigators hired for the dissapearance of Vincent. Eventually before Vincent can fly off the previous mentioned 4 people chasing the monsters down appears but the investigators end up shooting Chong, killing him. The episode ends with the monsters cheering on Vincent leaving successfully and Cheech leaving the scene now alone.

We're starting to get to the more wackier exxagerrated situations/plots in the Ickis and Oblina show, alone the concept of the episode alone is already a major improvement from the pilot being much more entertaining. However... I will say unlike episodes like Fright Night and Real Space Goofs this somewhat failed to keep me entertained constantly throughout, only some moments being so WTF enough to get me back into it like the romanian gonvernment thinking Ickis was Ronald reagan or the fact I thought for a second Cheech and Chong were in a homosexual relationship. The relationship however with Ickis and Vincent I will admit did have a genuinly sweet moment but overall this was a decent episode but again not to the level I expect.

Christopher at Candlelight - is the third episode of the Ickis and Oblina show and what I would say the second weakest episode of the bunch (only behind episode 4), this is what I refer to the latter episode plots till the Fright Night before Christmas and Real Space goofs being rather lackluster. This alongside the 4th episode are suprisingly short as hell atleats compared to the previous or coming episodes. In this episode it's mainly a princess and a frog retelling with Oblina and this frog named christopher (who would've guessed) alongside a twist at the end, nothing really happens at all if I'm going to be honest apart from characters talking to each other. Also there's some really kinda misogynistic shit said from the characters about Oblina which is just kinda weird but whatever.

Overall just kinda a very boring episode, the only thing that makes this episode remarkable and a tier above the 4th episode is the moments where whenever they pan to Christopher as a frog he just stand there as the same png with frog noises or when Oblina points out that Christopher once the frog curse is broken is not a prince but british. It also starts the beginning of a feature later used in latter episodes where the characters just party/dance to random music so that's a advantage this episode also has over Show Biz Monsters.

Show Biz Monsters - is the fourth and by far most boring episode of the series. I honestly don't even feel like there's much to really say about this episode apart from Bert and Ernie from sesame street being in here. It honestly wasn't very entertaining or even funny in one way like with Christopher at Candlelight. The only thing I really ever laughed at for this was the theme description of the wiki just listing "therapy". This is just an episode where Ickis goes to therapy which honestly in exacution could've lead to some interesting situations but they go nowhere with it, no wonder it's so fucking short

Fright Night Before Christmas - is the fifth episode of the Ickis and Oblina show and the first and only "season special", it being a christmas themed episode based of the film "It's a Wonderful Life". So far throughout the page I've been hyping this alongside Real Space Goofs up to be the absolute cream of the crop of the series, and it really didn't fucking disappoint especially with it being the second ever episode I watched of the Ickis and Oblina show after Real Space Goofs. The antagonist the Toy Taker is such a specific but excellent choice for the big bad of the episode, the live action implementations like from the first and second episodes are back and the best intergrated they are and the fucking comedy factor in here is top notch, Gromble being a captive of the Toy Taker and what image they use for it is enough that I need to say.

Overall great episode that really improves greatly from the strengths of episode 1 and 2 especially after such episodes like Christopher at Candlelight and Show Biz Monsters, highly reccomend especially since it's the fitting season now.

Real Space Goofs - is the sixth and finale episode of the Ickis and Oblina show, it's a recreation of what I presume are scenes/plots to various 80s-90s star war cartoons but with Ickis, Oblina and of course the main cast of the fucking space goofs. This was the first ever episode I have ever seen of the Ickis and Oblina show and my god it definitely left a lasting impression. The plot has Ickis and Oblina in an entirely different setting where the stakes are amped up quite a bit. The inclusion of the space goofs are fucking crazy especially with what they did with Etno and Stereo and I love it. The random dance party parts are back and better than ever and it really was an epic conclusion to this hell hole of a series. I cannot emphasize how bat shit crazy this video in general is I think you just gotta look at it yourself, alongside maybe a friend or two just to witness what pure autistic genius in the best way ever is like.

Best finale to a show ever best episode ever numero uno literally peak fiction.


Please fucking watch the Ickis and Oblina show I'm begging you especially with friends and also surf the wiki with them too it's pure madness

lovingly written by Martin/Mari/Izzith/Gizmo/Ickis Loboto "Maritime-Partition" rh0mbus0fruin 2022

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