Callie Lawardi Auberry

Age: 16 years old

Gender: Transfem, She/They

Birthday: April 2nd, 1989

Ethnicity: Aboriginal Australian and Chinese Indonesian

Nationality: Australian American

Resides in: Naval Grye, Wyoming

Callie is a natural optimist, a live and bright young girl who loves expressing herself any way they can. As a junior in highschool, she's excited about what she'll do and all possible paths she could take alongside their friends. She finds intriguige in mystery and is always eager to insert herself in a situation that interests her in the slightest no matter what. Perhaps her naivity and curiosity will be the death of her.

Likes: Small animals, gyaru fashion, her computer, her fliphone, her VHS recorder, video games, geocities/web making, tennis, her friend group, cats, the paranormal, "ghost-hunting", watching anime, horror in general (especially cutesy horror)

Dislikes: Being stood up/ignored, people being annoyed/mad at her, frog/toad skin textures, being seperated from her friends or family for long periods, history class

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