Callie Lawardi Auberry

Name: Callie

Age: 16 years old

Gender: Transgender girl/nonbinary (She/They)

Birthdate: April 2nd, 1989

Ethnicity: Aboriginal Australian and Chinese Indonesian

Nationality: Australian American

Resides in: Naval Grye, Wyoming

Relatives: (mother), (father)

Languages spoken: ENG/Bahasa/中文/PT


Callie considers herself an ordinary teenage girl, albeit a bit more energetic and bubbly than others would consider “normal”, not that she cares the slightest about that. She loves her life! Callie gets good grades, hangs out with her best friends every moment she can, gets to play Toontown and update her site through her very own personal computer, and pet the local cats. Life is simple and she wouldn’t want to change a thing.

However, things start to change slowly but surely after her sweet 16 birthday, her parents aren’t nearly as available as they used to be and her friends start drifting away from her. For once in a long while, Callie starts to worry about her future and all the many things that await her. But for now, she’ll put these unwanted thoughts behind, surely they’ll go away soon…

Favourites: Small animals (primarily cats and bunnies), gyaru fashion, her computer, her fliphone, her VHS recorder, video games/gaming, website/webpage making, tennis, her friends, the paranormal, "ghost-hunting", watching anime, horror (especially cutesy horror), collecting small trinkets, shopping, collectible figurines/toys (like LPS)


Character design Description

Callie is a teen girl with medium brown skin and brown hair in twists and afro puffs with bright purple hair accessories. Callie has the average body build and is 5'3 ft tall. She is usually seen in her school uniform attire which consists of a white buttoned-down shirt, her blue tie, a black skirt, and her knee-length socks and black school shoes. Callie also wears a red, white, and dark brown jacket and a couple of pins on her attire.

Others fanart

By Cephalon
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