Boss Covencare

Age: 30 years old

Gender: Cis male, He/Him

Birthday: Janaury 1st, 1975

Ethnicity: Mixed White and Japanese American

Nationality: 2nd gen American

Resides in: Naval Grye, Wyoming

Artificially charming to the public, behind the scenes it's not hard to have Boss's true nature come out. Shallow and self congratulatory, most who know him cannot say that they enjoy Boss's presence and only put up with him for paying their checks. He enjoys pestering those who work for him and is extremely arguementative to anyone who disagrees with him as is the case with Oscar.

Likes: Anything marine/ocean related, fishing/boating, alcoholic drinks, being successful, karoake, Alistair..., annoying his employees, very materialistic items, the idea of pleasing his father, medals and trophies, desert (specifically ice cream)

Dislikes: Oscar, people who question him, his acting career (cringes horribly at his tween-early adult years), mention of his mother's passing, timid people

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