Boss Covencare

Name: Boss

Age: 30 years old

Gender: Cisgender male (He/Him)

Birthdate: Janaury 1st, 1975

Ethnicity: White Italian and Japanese American

Nationality: 2nd gen Italian American

Resides in: Naval Grye, Wyoming

Relatives: Naomi Inoue (mother), Boss sr Covencare (father)

Languages spoken: ENG/Italian/FR


Boss, for lack of better words, is very moronic and self-absorbed. Though he believes he’s making positive changes to the world at large, his efforts are in vain and only seem to satisfy/comfort himself and his very altered and biased view of the world. He takes pride in being very nostalgia-driven in his motivations, yearning for times in his early childhood or eras such as the 70s-80s, viewing said eras or memories through rose-tinted glasses and basing all his values and worth on them.

If you take away all that, in the end, Boss is a very hollow person with no strong opinions of his own and clings to ye olden times for his sense of identity which he does not have.