Alistair Ann Smallson

Age: 30 years old

Gender: Trans woman, She/Her

Birthday: August 31st, 1975

Ethnicity: Afro Brazilian

Nationality: Brazilian American

Resides in: Naval Grye, Wyoming

Alistair is a smart and simple woman. She works as an assistant at the local library and is Boss's second in command. She's very indifferent to much that happens around in town and only does what she needs for herself first and foremost.

Likes: Tea, literature, drawing/illustration, teaching young children, fashion, baking and cooking, mathematics, collecting miscellaneous trinkets such as stamps, being in peace and quiet, people who can keep their volume down

Dislikes: Very loud people, people who waste her time, most older teens, the smell of smoke/smoking, tight clothing, ZACH, most tv programs, having her glasses misplaced, furry animals near her (very allergic)

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